Nov 21, 2011

Pushing The Envelope, Not The Share Button


Step 1: Facebook does something.

Step 2: Everybody freaks the fuck out.

It’s been just over 5 years since Facebook first unveiled the News Feed. The song remains the same. 

This weekend’s Bitchmeme centered around Facebook’s new automatic or “frictionless” sharing. It already works with services like Spotify and Rdio and publications like The Washington Post and The Guardian. And it’s about to come to a lot more places. 

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Nov 14, 2011

Nov 10, 2011

Such is the arse-about-titness of “your” Olympics that Lloyds TSB branding will be slapped all along the relay. Meanwhile, even involuntary association with the Games by local businesses – who didn’t actually screw over the whole country – will result in punishment. If the world were remotely rational, anyone would be allowed to brand the torch route on the basis that we’re all technically part-owners of Lloyds.
The London 2012 Olympic torch relay is following a path that inflames | Marina Hyde | Sport | The Guardian
Nov 10, 2011

An A-Z of journalism Twitter etiquette

There are a limited number of letters in the alphabet, and so, with the suggestion that journalists should be using “NT” to demonstrate a neutral point of view when retweeting, I thought we should…

Nov 9, 2011

The Social Graph is Neither (Pinboard Blog)

Lengthy but worthwhile post about semantic web and mapping human relationships computationally.

Nov 8, 2011

As I’ve tried to describe before, social-media policies like the one from AP continue to try to maintain the fiction that journalists don’t have opinions — that they are automatons without feelings or intelligence, simply regurgitating the news without thinking about it. The ironic thing about these kinds of policies is that they actually exacerbate the problems that mainstream media are having in adapting to the social web and the new “democracy of distribution” (as Om calls it) that allows anyone to be a journalist thanks to Twitter and blogs and smartphones with video cameras.
Twitter and journalism: It shouldn’t be that complicated — Tech News and Analysis
Nov 8, 2011

Poppies are for remembering people, not politics

Poppies by Cwasteson from Flickr

Poppies by cwasteson

When I was at school, I can remember some pupils campaigning to be allowed to sell and wear the Peace Pledge Union’s white poppies, alongside the British…

Nov 8, 2011

Tabloid Watch: Mail admits 'Winterval did not rename or replace Christmas'

Behind the scenes account of complaint to the PCC over Mel Philip’s lie

Nov 8, 2011

Mail Online and are the most visible UK newspaper websites on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon, according to a study
Daily Mail and Guardian most visible newspapers on social networks | The Drum
Nov 8, 2011

Facebook is emerging as a far stronger news destination than Twitter, according to new data from Lightspeed Research. It found that 30% of 18-24 year olds turn to Facebook for their news at some point during the week compared to only 12% who turn to Twitter.
Twice as many get their news via Facebook compared to Twitter | The Wall Blog
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