Nov 8, 2011

Why are men such cocks on the internet?

Here is a miserable set of reading if you:

  1. Like the internet.
  2. Are a man.
  3. Would prefer it if you lived in a society where it wouldn’t be acceptable for someone to threaten your mother, sister or…
Nov 7, 2011

Template-free publishing tool Scroll debuts on the Guardian website

At the weekend the Guardian became the first major publisher to experiment with Scroll, a new tool from a New York based start-up which promises to allow users to build magazine-style layouts for…

Nov 7, 2011

Brand crises are as old as marketing itself and practitioners have long used tools to manage them. But the immediacy and contagion of social media has changed the game. Today, there’s a tougher challenge than ever to pinpoint when the crisis hits a flash point and when it’s time to craft a response strategy without doing more harm than good.
How to Tell if Your Campaign Has Hit a Social-Media Flashpoint | News - Advertising Age
Nov 7, 2011

I am intrigued that so many of the high-profile geekocracy seem now to be using Google as their preferred blogging platform. Why would anyone do that? … there is no guarantee that Google will be any longer-lived than Buzz or Wave, or that it won’t suffer outages or catastrophic data wipes. I prefer to publish under my own domain names, with software I manage and control: I own the database (and local backups of it). I rent the infrastructure and can move my data wherever I like in 24 hours or so.
Steven Poole: Whatever made you think it was your data anyway? [via @newsmary]
Nov 7, 2011

Many believe that customer actions on Facebook and mobile devices connected to Facebook will become the new standard for searching and finding information. Not just a standard, but an entirely new form of the web, really.
Why Facebook Wants Your Business to Build an App | Jeffbullas’s Blog
Nov 7, 2011

Cannot stress how much I love this whole social news reading on Facebook. Kudos to The Guardian and The Washington Post.
Twitter / @CompHelperKid
Nov 7, 2011

She was obviously only reading articles on The Guardian on Facebook to look fucking intellectual cos she thinks boys will find her hotter
Twitter / @girlsbitchabout: “She was obviously only re …
Nov 7, 2011 Fool's gold: How Stuart Hughes tricked the global press


This is the man who has tricked some of the biggest global news organisations into running fake stories about the world’s most expensive homes, yachts and cars.

Hundreds of stories about fantastic gold products manufactured by Stuart Hughes have appeared in respected publications over the…

Nov 7, 2011

Memorials « Mediocre Dave

Thoughtful post about Alan Turing and war memorials.

Nov 7, 2011

Fifa’s regulations regarding players’ equipment are that they should not carry any political, religious or commercial messages.
BBC Sport - War veterans unhappy over Fifa’s poppy ban - I must be imagining those tournament and FIFA logos and Nike ticks and whatnot then, obviously…
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